"Westerbeck soars as young Lydie, who teeters on madness’s cliff edge..."

- Mark Cofta, BroadStreetReview

Upcoming Projects:

  • Under the Moon (Jersey Fringe Festival)

  • Our Town @ People’s Light (August 3- 25)

  • Lavender Life @ Philadelphia Ethical Society (Philadelphia Fringe)

Photo by Mark Williams

Photo by Mark Williams

Download a PDF of Kylie's Resume here.

Download Kylie's Headshot here

Below: Kylie in "House of murals"


Kylie wrote the prelude "Watch the Rain" in performance with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  (House of Murals, 2017) 

kylie at the "New Voices Cabaret"



Performance at the New Voices Cabaret in Philadelphia on December 15, 2015. Songs in order: "The Kindergarten Love Song" by DREW GASPIRINI, "Perfect" from "Edges: The Musical", music and lyrics by JUSTIN PAUL and BENJ PASEK, "Apartment" from the musical "Complexity", written and composed by KYLIE WESTERBECK and "That's Life" by DEAN KAY and KELLY GORDON.