Kylie Westerbeck

Kylie Westerbeck 

"The final image—Lydie’s young daughter, who shares her name, just coming into womanhood—is a real lump-in-your-throat moment. Actress Kylie Westerbeck gives a beautifully nuanced performance as the young Lydie."

- David Fox, PhillyMag




Kylie Westerbeck is a 22 year old musician/actor/photographer from Fredericksburg, VA currently living in Philadelphia. Her love for music and songwriting began at the age of 11 with her first music lessons in piano. Shortly after, she auditioned for her first musical, and fell in love with theatre. In High School, Kylie was a part of an all girl pop country band, named “Hangin’ With Stogie” where she opened up for Scotty McCreery and recorded her first album in Nashville, TN. She later followed her career in theatre by attending and graduating from Rowan University with a BA in Theatre and a concentration in Acting. Recent acting credits include: Witness for the Prosecution (Bristol Riverside Theatre), The Women and The Lydie Breeze Trilogy (EgoPo Classic Theatre). She has released her debut album, “Bellow” on all major listening platforms and will be releasing more music in May 2019. Kylie will be in Nashville, TN the entire month of June pursuing music.

IG: kyliewesterbeck

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